Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to share our services with you.

At Hype Realty we provide a comprehensive Property Management service with a proactive approach to your property. We work with you to ensure your asset is managed effectively and our service ensures you get the most out of your investment.


We advertise on all the major Real Estate websites as well as our own company website and a property card is created for the window display. Where possible a ‘FOR LEASE’ sign will also be placed on the property. We monitor current market conditions to ensure minimum vacancy and rental price optimisation to ensure quick leasing, quality tenants and maximum return.

We tap into our database of existing applicants/tenants who are seeking a property, as your home may be the perfect fit.

We also offer a 30 Day Advertising Guarantee – if your property is not rented within 30 days Hype will pay to re-advertise the property.


The application process is a very stringent and time-consuming process, it is not a job we take lightly.

Where possible we personally meet the applicants at the inspections, and this is where the application process begins for us. Once an application form is submitted, we thoroughly screen the applicants by completing the following:

  • 100-point ID check is carried out
  • Employment and Income is confirmed to ensure they can afford the rent. Rule of thumb is the household income is 3 x the weekly rent
  • Contact the current and previous Agents for a rental reference and assess their tenant ledgers for rent payment history
  • Where a tenant has owned their own property, we confirm ownership and seek a reference from their selling agent.
  • Conduct personal reference checks
  • Do a TICA (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) search which is a website that default tenants are listed by Agents.

Once all the above is completed, we contact you as the owner to discuss. If we would not put them in our own property, we won’t place them in yours. You have the final say!!! 


Prior to the tenants taking possession of the premises, a comprehensive Residential Premises Condition Report is prepared. This is a thoroughly detailed report with a multitude of photos. This report is used during the tenants vacate inspection, so this is an extremely vital report and it is here that we say, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words!’

Routine inspections are conducted 4 times per year and whilst not as detailed as the condition report, the report gives you an insight into how the property is being maintained and if there are any issues or recommendations. This report also has multiple photos for you to view.


Here at Hype Realty we have a ZERO ARREARS TOLERANCE. We have an extremely strict arrears procedure and we place emphasis on tenants’ payments being made on time and where possible in advance. Before tenants take possession of the property, they are familiarised with our rent arrears policy and what action will be taken if they fail to meet their obligations.

We check arrears daily and start our contact procedure at day 2 as this would have given the rent money time to reach the trust account. Tenants are given multiple options on how they can pay their rent.


Payments to you are made directly into your nominated account. This can be paid either twice monthly or at the end of every month, whichever best suits your financial situation. Our system produces easy to read statements and you also have access to an online portal where you can access your statements at any time.

As mentioned, we have a flexible management system where we can manage the payment of your accounts including council and water rates, insurances, maintenance & repair invoices. Once paid the invoices are attached to your statements for easy reference. 

In relation to water rates, if your property is separately metered and water efficient the water usage portion of the invoice is passed onto the tenant for reimbursement.


We take a proactive approach with repairs and maintenance. If a tenant reports an issue we respond promptly and all the trades that we engage are skilled, licensed, and insured tradespeople that perform the work to a high-quality standard whilst also being cost-effective. Should you have a preferred tradesman, we can allocate them to conduct the works at your property. As mentioned, we have the facilities to pay for these repairs from your rental funds.


The lease renewal process begins 2- 2.5 months prior to the expiration of the lease to help ensure longevity of the tenancy. In the first instance, we contact the tenants to see what their intentions are and make note of this. We also conduct a rental review/appraisal to assess what the market is doing and what surrounding properties are achieving with rent. It is then that we discuss our findings with you and present you with our recommendations.

In relation to lease expiry, it is always in the best interest of the Landlord that the lease does not end during the known slow periods of the year, for example, the Christmas/New Year period. Whilst sometimes this is out of our control, we do try our absolute best to avoid these times.


As of January 1st 2022 new smoke alarm legislation will make Queensland households the safest in Australia in relation to fire safety.

The new legislation specifies that all Queensland domestic dwellings leased and sold will be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling and on every level. In addition to the legislation, the smoke detectors must be serviced annually or within 30 days of a new or renewal of tenancy and a compliance certificate held.

We have conducted a wide search of compliance companies that service the Gold Coast and have found Detector Inspector to be one of the best on the market for service and price. Hype Realty can arrange for the compliance checks of your properties smoke alarms and for the payment of the service fee to be deducted from your funds. 

There are also legislation’s relating to Pool safety. Where the property has a swimming pool a safety certificate must be issued. This is to ensure that the pool fence and surrounds are compliant prior to being able to lease a property. This is also something we can arrange for you on your behalf.


Whilst we hope that you would not have to use this, it is better to be safe than sorry. We want to educate our landlords and ensure that they have the sufficient insurance policies in place.

Whilst building insurance is required, we strongly suggest that to protect your assets you obtain Landlord Insurance.  This insures your contents, rent loss and default and public liability. When considering a policy please ensure that you are selecting an insurance policy that you are comparing apples for apples as the right type of cover is a specialised policy.

We can provide you with product information on policies that from our experience, have been great with coverage and easy to deal with, however ultimately the choice is yours.

Once you have selected a policy, we are able to arrange the cover for you and have the costs deducted from your rental funds. If for some reason a claim needs to be made on your Landlord insurance this is handled by our office where possible.